LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier

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Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle with Clean & Purified Water! 

 If you are constantly worried about your family's health, you must know that water is crucial to deciding your health. The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier will provide you with pure water that you can drink. There are two water modes: raw water for cleaning and washing purposes and purified water spray for drinking, bathing, cleaning fruits and veggies, and other eatables. 

The four-layered filtration process ensures that water in the end you get is sweet and odorless. The decent color suits every faucet, and it is super easy to install. Also, you can clean the filter by disassembling it and assemble it after cleaning. 


  • Sweet & Smell-free Water for Better Health: Your health is most crucial; the LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier offers lead, chlorine, asbestos benzene, and particulates free water, which is soft and lighter in weight. Also, the water is exceptionally healthy for everyone. The strong adsorption capacity and food-grade Abs construction ensure removing a large number of impurities from the faucet. 
  • 4-Layer Purification & 9-Level Filtering: The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier comes with four-layer purifications. The first layer is zeolite, which absorbs chlorine and all the impurities to make water smell-free and sweet. The second layer is calcium nitrate that adsorbs organic compounds and toxic metallic impurities to create water bacteria and virus-free. The activated carbon layer will further remove all the impurities and smell, and the PVC filter layer filters everything and offers perfectly smooth, smell-free, and sweet water. 

  • Non-Splashing Water: The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier has shower heads that ensure zero water splashing. Also, you do not require any electric connectivity for the purification process. It reaches the water flow-rate up to 2L/MN. 
  • Double Water Exposure: The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier has double water holes, one for the raw water and the other for purified filtered water. A handle manages this switching; if the handle is low natural water is pouring out, and when the handle is upward, the filtered water is pouring for you. 
  • Premium Quality Construction: The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier is made of ceramic material to keep it a perfect drinking purpose. It can easily be attached to any faucet, and you do not need any other tools for it. The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier Kitchen Faucet is washable; you can remove all its parts, clean it properly, and then assemble it correctly. 
  • Money & Space Saving: The LaunaShop™ Mini Tap Water Purifier is the smallest in size that saves a lot of space as you do not need to place it on any specific place have to attach it on the faucet, which already consumed some space. Also, you can fill up to 1800 bottles without changing the filter for a year. 


  • Certification: CE
  • Function: Direct Drink
  • Type: Ceramic Filter Element
  • 5 Stage Filtration: Yes
  • Installation: Cold Water Pipe Installation
  • Water Yield (Liter/Minute): 2.0
  • Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water
  • Material: Ceramic Filter Element
  • Filter level: 9 stage filtration


1 x Water Filter

4 x Ceramic Cartridge

1 x Sandpaper

1 x Universal Adapter

3 x Female Thread Adapter

3 x Male Thread Adapter


  • How can I change the filter? 

You have to remove the filter from the faucet, open it all over, and then change the inside filter with a new one. 

  • How long will one filter last?

Although one filter can last longer than 5-6 months, it would be best to change it every four months. 

  • Is there any change in the color of the water? 

Yes, you will indeed observe the color difference in raw water tap and filtered water tap. 

  • What if the turning handle becomes hard? 

The turning handle can be tricky if you do not use it carefully or are stuck in it. Try calling customer care service and taking their assistance in such a case.

  • How can I install the filter on my kitchen faucet?

To attach the filter with your kitchen faucet, you need to read the instruction manual, and it would be best if you watch the video twice and then start mounting because it will become more manageable then. 

  • What is the pH of water after filtration?

The water you get from the filtered tap would have seven pH compared to the acidic water you will be getting from the raw tap. 

  • Do this faucet filter out copper and other impurities? 

Yes, this strong filter cleans out all the impurities, copper, chlorine, acidic elements from water to make it sweet and lighter in weight. 


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