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Organize Your Underwears!

Does your closet always look like a mess, or finding underwear from your wardrobe is the most challenging job? Then it would be best if you had this LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer because it aims to give every little garment or accessory a proper place. It makes your underwear finding game quick, and the three different sized compartments allow you to put anything in it. 

As this LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer is portable, you can add or remove it whenever you need it. The long-lasting mesh fabric construction makes it a durable, moisture-proof, and comfortable choice. It is washable and foldable that increases its life and hygiene. 

Keep away all the hesitations and get rid of all the chaos of finding your favorite underwear while you are in a hurry. 


  • SPACE-SAVING ORGANIZER: The LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer is commendable for organizing your closet. It makes it comfortable for everyone to find anything in need. It saves the bulk of space in your closet and makes it spacious for putting more clothes in your closet.
  • CUSTOMIZED & ORGANIZED DRAWER: The LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer will make a proper place for everything, especially undergarments. The drawers are utterly customized, which you can add or take away from your closet.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer is made of long-lasting mesh fabric to make it durable, mold-free, breathable, moisture-proof, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and bacteria-free to make sure that you remain hygienic. The sturdy material will never change its shape and color even after years of use.
  • FOLDABLE & WASHABLE: You can fold this LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer when you do not need to use it. Also, there is no weight of this LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer so that you can easily carry it anywhere anytime. This LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer is washable, and it will never get deformed even after extended use.
  • MESS-FREE WARDROBE: The LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer has a module design that will organize everything in your closet, and you do not need to waste your time in finding lingerie socks or underwear. This LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer will never let your wardrobe get messy anytime.
  • THREE DESIGNS WITH THREE DIFFERENT SIZES: The LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer has three different designs with three variable sizes which makes it a perfect choice for bras, panties, underwear, and socks.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: You can use the LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer for organizing bras, underwear, socks, jewelry, watches, scarf, and other accessories. 


  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Gray, White, Pink, Beige

Available Sizes:

  • 6 Grid Bra Box 12x32x32cm
  • 7 Grid Briefs Box 12x32x12cm
  • 11 Grid Socks Box 12x32x12cm

Package Includes:

1 x LAUNASHOP™ Closet Underwear Organizer


  • Are the cells inside the bins can be removed?

No, these cells are sewn in bins that you can never remove. Hence you need to stuff it just the way it is made.

  • How to clean it?

Cleaning it is pretty easy to wash it off when it is dirtier, or you can wipe off all the dirt with a damp soapy cloth.

  • How many cells are there in it?

There are 11 cells for socks, six cells for bras, and seven cells for underwear which is the best option to organize your essentials properly.

  • Can it keep all sizes of undergarments? 

Probably yes, but you need to measure it or fold your undergarments properly to let them fit in it properly.

  • How can I change its place?

It is the simplest thing to do. Just fold it and take it off the closet or drawer and place it anywhere you want?

  • How much space does it take?

It takes the least space in your closet. Rather it free-up a lot of space in your closet to add more clothes to it.

  • Is it good for my sensitive skin to keep my undergarments in it?

Yes, you can confidently place your undergarments in this organizer as it is made with premium quality material that will never harm your sensitive skin.


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