LaunaShop™ Hair Growth Essential Oil (Unisex)

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★ GROWTH WITHOUT COMPROMISE –– Ingredients Created In Nature For Ultimate Hair Wellness 

Thinning hair? Aging hair? – No worries. Our NEW LaunaShop™ Hair Growth Essential Oil focuses on creating a unique hair wellness formula...100% handmade based, organic, safe and clinically proven to visibly support natural hair growth and help prevent fallout for fuller, thicker-looking hair.

We get it, there are many issues that can contribute to hair thinning or fallout (stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, increased DHT and miRNA22 levels, impaired micro-circulation and mostly, poor scalp health). Frequently, it's a combination two or more of these issues. 



  • Increases Hair Growth - Encourages healthier hair growth. Great for stopping thinning hair and treating alopecia, make it grow faster and thicker.
  • Healthier Hair - Effectively encourages better hair growth by promoting blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating the growth of hair follicles and binding the hair roots onto the scalp within 4-8 weeks, while it moisturizes and repairs hair damage.
  • Eases Hair Repair - Helps with damaged hair ion the surface surface, and lock’s in moisture & shine and control frizz. Repairs, softens and strengthens dry, brittle, frizzy, overworked and damaged hair.
  • Anti-Dandruff, Improve Scalp Itching Problem - Moisturize and repair damaged hair as it contains precious herbs like fallopian multiflora to reactivate hair pigment cells. Ginger with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which keeps the scalp healthy.
  • Multifunctional Use: Suitable for both men & women. Works on all hair types and lengths. Also works on the beard. 
  • Improves Appearance Of Thin Hair - Increases hair volume and as it restores essential nutrients to promote fuller and nourished hair growth.
  • 100% Organic & Handmade: Pure natural plant ingredients and other minerals are utilized without harmful chemicals for safe skin use. Use it with confidence, even on sensitive skin! 



Squeeze or drop about 3ML (1-2 drops) of the Hair Growth Essential Oil into your favorite shampoo (100ML), and mix it in evenly – This can be done in your palms or even in a container beforehand. Lather onto your scalp, massage with your fingertips gently, and leave on for 4-7 minutes before rinsing off with warm or cold water. 

✔️ Safe For Everyday Use, With No Known Toxins or Hormones

✔️ 100% Vegan, Natural, Organic & Cruelty-Free

✔️ Visible Results In As Soon As 45-90 Days, With Peak Results Around 120


  • Net Weight: 30ML
  • Storage: Do NOT Store In Sunlight 
  • Applicable Hair: All Hair Types (short, long, thick, thin, wavy, straight)
  • Hair Color: Works On ALL Hair Colors (black, brown, brunette, red, ginger, blonde, etc.) 
  • Ingredients: Pure Ginger Extract, Pure Ginseng Extract Sophora Flavescens, Wormwood Extract, Rosemary Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Fleeceflower, Caybomer, Glycetol, Propylene Glycol


  • 1 x LaunaShop™ Hair Growth Essential Oil (Unisex) 


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