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Is your shoe room a mess? Have a look at this LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage. It is a high-quality shoe storage box that can keep all your shoes in it. The transparent plastic can display all your shoes.

The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage keeps your shoe dust-proof, moisture-proof, and shiny all the time. Its multiple storage options make it even a prior choice for everyone to keep it at their place. 

  • Transparent Flip Shoe Box: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage has a transparent front by which you can see your shoes. 

  • Space Saving: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage is stackable and combinable, making it space-saving making it a perfect choice for small places.

  • Environmental-friendly Shoe Storage Box: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage is eco-friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and environmentally friendly.

  • Premium Quality Construction: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage is made of premium quality plastic, moldable but not breakable.

  • Hidden Snap Design: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage has hidden combination buckles to make it a combined and stackable storage box. 

  • Multiple Storage Options: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage keeps all your shoes such as cotton slippers, leather shoes, dance shoes, flip flops, running shoes, summer and winter shoes. 

  • Sturdy Frame: The LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage has sturdy frame construction as it bears up to 20kg weight.

  • Easy-to-Clean: It is super easy to clean as you can wash the LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage with water because it is moisture-proof. 

  • Easy-to-install: For installing, you have to watch the videos and read the instruction manual. However, it is a one-person job, so you do not need any professional for it.


  • Lattice Quantity: 6
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly, Folding, Stocked
  • Load bearing capacity: 20kg
  • Size: 13.38 inches x 9.44 inches x 5.51 inches (34cm x 24cm x 14cm)

Package Includes:

6 x LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage


  • Is this Shoe storage box perfect for more oversized-sized shoes?

Yes, the LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage has free-size construction, due to which you can place any size of shoes in any shape conveniently. 

  • I need to put my heels in it. Is it safe for my heels?

Yes, The PP plastic material is sturdy enough to bear your heels' pointed edges. You can place it easily without any doubt to keep your heels secure. 

  • What else can I keep in the LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage?

You can place anything in the storage box because these are empty boxes, and it is up to you how you fill them according to your need. 

  • How can I assemble the LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage?

For assembling, you have to follow the instruction manual and watch some videos, and we know you will do it within minutes as it is not a tough job. 

  • Does it fit my small room?

Yes, it will because it has combination locks by which you can place this LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage in the form of stacks that saves a lot of your room's space. 

  • Does it harmful for my pet?

No, it is made with superior quality plastic that is healthy for everyone. If your pet gets in contact with LAUNASHOP™ Transparent Shoe Box Storage, it will not get any health effects. 


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