LaunaShop™ Round Wood Abrasive Grinding Disc


Durable And Fast! Grinding Has Never Been Easy! 

The Round Wood Abrasive Grinding Disc consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth that quickly remove residue and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.

It can help you to make wood shaping easily, it's made of tungsten carbide, durable and let your work more efficient, save you much time and energy! 

Have helped skilled craftsmen create truly remarkable things. The rugged tungsten-carbide teeth allow for superior material removal and outstanding wear-life. With effortless control and resistance to loading, you'll use them project after project.


  • Hand-Crafted Coating: Exceptionally resistant to loading, great for working with wet and gummy wood. 
  • Clean Easily: Easily clean with a soft bristle brush and store conveniently
  • Durable Material: Tungsten Carbide teeth give you outstanding wear-life.
  • Easy To Use: Comfortable, effortless operation allows you to easily and quickly remove a variety of materials.


  • Quickly remove wood chips and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • Used for providing rapid material removal and perfect for bending work.


  • Material: No. 45 carbon steel
  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Bore diameter: 16mm/22mm 
  • Product weight: 0.1140 kg 


  • 1 x LaunaShop™ Round Wood Abrasive Grinding Disc


  • How long will it last?

This depends on what you are using it on. Use it carefully and it can last a long time.

  • Can it be used on metal? 

No, only use on wood as the material used is delicate. 

  • What's the difference between the shaping discs and the dish wheels? they appear to all look like the same product.

The Shaping Discs are flatter in nature, with just a slight curvature. These are ideal for convex shaping or leveling high spots. 


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